Casa Alvarez Green Chile Taquitos Recipe

Green Chile Tacos Dorados (Easy Crunchy Fried Tacos)

Now you can grab Colorado’s best green chile recipes right out of the freezer and just heat and eat. Casa Alvarez Foods makes an authentic Mexican dinner easy and seamless. Our versatile sauces lets you add your own personal fiesta twist to your favorite recipes. In fact, our bold flavors may unleash your inner fiery […]

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Casa Alvarez Green Chile Recipe

The Fiery Foodie Spirit

Maybe it’s the love lingering in the air post-Valentines day. Or the cold winter temps that always leave us with a passionate craving for some fiery comfort food. To us, fiery comfort food means food with bold flavors, which is why we want to share how our chile can help you spice things up. If […]

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Colorado Green Gold

We have over 20 years experience in perfecting our chile verde, so save yourself hours and try our Pork Chile Verde for your next party. Heat and eat in just minutes for all your favorite party pals. It’s a fiesta at your fingertips. Made with fire-roasted Anaheim chiles, tender, naturally raised pork and the perfect […]

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Casa Alvarez Green Chile Skillet Recipe

Cook Smarter, Not Harder

Traditional Pork Chile Verde recipes can take from three to four hours to prepare. But it’s 2018! Who has that kind of time? Unless you have half of a work day to make Pork Chile Verde from scratch, you have three choices: Deprive yourself and not eat chile verde. Pay for take out every time […]

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