The Fiery Foodie Spirit

Maybe it’s the love lingering in the air post-Valentines day. Or the cold winter temps that always leave us with a passionate craving for some fiery comfort food. To us, fiery comfort food means food with bold flavors, which is why we want to share how our chile can help you spice things up. If you have a taste for the spicier things in life, break out the green chile.

Venture Off The Eaten Path

Our crafted chile verde starts with the beautiful fruits from Pueblo, Colorado (yes chile peppers are fruits). Then the peppers are fire-roasted and blended with fresh ingredients, spices, and a whole lot of TLC. Our crafted family recipe is the flavorful chile verde you have been searching for. Don’t worry, our award-winning food is not the forbidden fruit, whether you prefer Veggie Chile Verde or classic Pork Chile Verde, we have a product you’ll love. Find us at your local Colorado grocery store!

Fiesta At Your Fingertips

Now you can grab Colorado’s best green chile recipes right out of the freezer and just heat and eat. Casa Alvarez Foods makes an authentic Mexican dinner easy and seamless. Our versatile sauces lets you add your own personal fiesta twist to your favorite recipes. In fact, our bold flavors may unleash your inner fiery foodie spirit animal. #FiestaReady

Unleash Your Foodie Spirit

You can enjoy healthy and delicious food without the hard work! Mealtime shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a fun and delicious experience! Casa Alvarez Foods Chile Verde brings a special kind of spice you’ve been salivating for.
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